About the project

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This is an Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership project which brings together 6 partners from the UK, Portugal, Italy, France and Germany.


It aims to develop a new set of online game based resources to support early language learning. The resources will be made available in the 5 languages of the partners and can be used for pupils starting to learn a foreign language or migrant pupils learning of the language of their host country.


Using ‘serious’ games to support language learning is a technique that has many benefits. It can be entertaining, animated, colorful and fun. Many existing online resources are basic and deal mainly with learning vocabulary. Our resources will be different, in that they will offer progression and challenges. The levels will be aligned with the Common European Framework for Languages at levels A0-A1.


The aim is to both motivate pupils but also to show how they are making progress. Each topic has three levels of difficulty and both the pupils and their teachers will be able to assess their progress.


The games cover 7 different topics:


  • Greetings and Appearance

  • Numbers and Colours

  • Family and Friends

  • Food and Drink

  • Game and Activities

  • School

  • Travel and Transport


Our project will trial them in schools in the partner countries and then make them freely available for anyone to download by clicking on the Games link on this website.