The Game

BlaboLingo is a computer game-based resource to support early language learning. The game, as well as the accompanying resources, are available in ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN and PORTUGUESE and can be used for primary pupils starting to learn a foreign language or migrant pupils learning the language of their host country.

All the sounds (nearly 18,000 sound files) were recorded by native speakers and represent a valuable tool to train correct pronunciation of students, but also teachers.

The combination of 7 games, 3 levels for each game and 3 stages for each level provides 63 scenes that teachers can choose from to suit precise learning objectives of a language curriculum. Teachers can integrate the game into their lessons to bring an interactive element of language teaching. In the Resources section you can access the Guidebook with all necessary instructions and examples of Lesson Plans and Case Studies, as well as the game scenarios.

Download the BlaboLingo game here (available for Windows and Mac)