The BlaboLingo game and the accompanying Teacher’s Guidebook are a set of language teaching resources to support early language learning. Using ‘serious’ games to support language learning is a technique that has many benefits. It can be entertaining, animated, colourful, and fun. Our resources are based on progression and challenges. The levels are aligned with the Common European Framework for Languages at levels A0-A1-A2.

The aim is to both motivate pupils but also to show how they make progress. Each topic has three levels of difficulty, and each level is composed of three stages.

The Guidebook contains all the accompanying resources in one place:

  • Technical guidelines (How to download and install the game / How to navigate inside the game)

  • Summary of Language content: topics and scenes

  • Sample lesson plans including a lesson template to be used by teachers

  • Case studies illustrating good practice

  • Complete scenarios of the games to support the teacher

You can download the Case studies separately.


You can also watch our tutorial videos showing how to install the game and how to play BlaboLingo